Welcome to Tans Acupuncture & Herbs!
Acupuncture, as a Traditional Chinese physical Medicine, is one of oldest holistic medicines in the world. There are numerous people who have benetfited from this medicine.
Rachel Yanrui Tan, LAc, former hospital chief acupuncture physicain in China, has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine near 30 years and her clinic has been serving Bay Area since 1995.
Rachel specializes in primary care and pain management using acupuncture, tui na-massage, Chinese herbal therapy, nutritional therapy, Qigong-Taiji exercise and other forms of Traditional Oriental Medicine. She also specializes in back, neck, joint pain; traumatic,degenerative, sports, work, auto injuries; neurological problems; arthritis; disc herniation; sciatica; acute/chronic pain: RSI/CTS, TMJ, neuro-vascally pain/conditions; Bell’s palsy, stroke, paralysis; women’s heath, pelvic floor care; immunodeficiency, digestion/eating disorders/weight management, stress/emotional imbalance, substance addiction, aging-related conditions, and chemo/radiation side effects.
Clinic Phone Number: (415) 454 - 8088 or (415)515-8337; fax: (415)454-8908;
E-mail adress aqherbs@aol.com